What are Pincurl Girls?

Pincurl Girls come from a series of drawings I did in graduate school. I was really insecure and had little self-confidence with my art. So I started drawing my inner child. Then one day, I decided to STOP thinking negative thoughts and made myself only say nice things to myself. After graduation the girls I drew kept talking to me and today they are the Pincurl Girls. They are here to remind you to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself! Stop it girl, you are great!

What exactly is your company??

I make things to encourage girls (and myself) to think confidently about herself and to love herself. I also give talks to groups of girls and women about the power of positive thinking and tips on how to use our thoughts to change our lives for the better.
My first book is scheduled to come out in 2019.

How did this all start?

Three years after my MFA program, my confidence grew with the help of drawing her, my inner child. After graduation, a few friends started asking me if they would draw a girl that looked liked her, to help them with their confidence, so then I went crazy and drew lots and lots of girls and named them Pincurl Girls.

Hi, I am Jen

I am personal growth expert, an artist, and a love-filled rebel who does things my own way. I don’t listen to what others think of me. I will share with you how I stay happy and how you can do the same.