“The most important thing I feel I have learned is to always give more then you take in life, there is always someone out there with far less to be thankful for then you have.” – My’Kah

My’Kah started Boxes Of Love when she was 10 years old, at the time she thought it would be a one time community service to help the kids in Joplin, Missouri after a tornado hit their city and shattered their lives. She spent the 2 months talking to people, collecting items, promoting it to the public and fund raising for this trip.

Where there is a will, there is a way when My’Kah gets an idea.
She started by making a list of items she wanted to take and asking everyone she knew and a lot of people that she didn’t know to help by donating these items. Even though she said at first she was shy, she was brave enough to go into local businesses and ask the owners to help her cause.

“Before I knew it things were piling up all over the place. We had 300 Kool-aid cups donated with enough Kool-aid to fill them all. We had coloring books, colors, stickers and enough items to fill over 300 boxes for the kids.

I received over 150 Barbies and enough Buzz Lightyear’s and Woody dolls to fill all the little boys boxes. The outpouring of donations from my community was so amazing and more then I ever expected.” – My’Kah

To donate or learn more about Boxes of Love, visit Boxes of Love.net